“Tyler's Bachelor Party” is a story about two best friends who end up getting it on in a unique but very hot way at the bachelor party put on for one of them. Check out an excerpt from the story below;

"Lisa, is that you?" came Tyler's voice in the darkness.
     I made my voice a bit higher in tone, but not falsetto, for Lisa was a
pretty throaty-voiced broad. "Yeah, it's me."
     "Oh, baby, I've missed you so much. Come to bed, baby, let me hold
     "Okay." I got into the bed and Tyler promptly snuggled over to
me. "Now, shut up and go to sleep." I said in my own, normal voice.
     "I need you, baby." Tyler crooned in my ear. His hands went down and
cupped one of my breasts. "Oh, baby, you know I need you."
     "I know you do." I didn't bother telling him I wasn't Lisa. The whole
idea was to shut him up, and if that hand couldn't figure out the mistake
from rubbing my tits (Lisa was pretty well endowed, I was the typical
flat-chested guy), then he wasn't going to figure it out at all!
     He snuggled in tighter and I felt his erection pressing against my
leg. Shit! The precome on it was smearing on my thigh, sticky and warm, and
he reached over to kiss me and his breath was alcohol-loaded, a smell of
rotting hops! "Bleah!" on his breath and "Ick!" on his skank getting on my
     "Come on, baby, love me." he breathed at me, the nasty breath washing
over me in waves. "I'm going to be so good to you, come on, baby, be good
to me!"
     He shifted and his uppermost leg curled up my body, the hairs on his
body brushing over mine in a sensual feather-like caress. His hand left my
breast and traveled down toward my man-business, and I figured once he got
down to my johnson, he'd realize he'd been had. Very few women have dicks,
you know, and my own prod was getting far too much into the warm, nude body
next to mine and was waiting for the expected meeting with his hand with
rigid expectation.
     His hand contacted my prod and I winced, waiting for the blast of
infuriated man at my ear. But his hand gently turned and grasped my dong
and held it in loving kindness and delight.
     "Ooh, baby, baby." Tyler murmured at me. His hand began to gently
stroke my dong up and down, and I had to release a slight sigh of
pleasure. "I love you so much, baby. Let me love you tonight, Lisa, let me
love you."
     His lips reached for mine and he kissed me, and that alcohol breath
didn't seem so noxious now. Long, slow ans sensual, he kissed me and his
body began to worm itself over me in slow, unobtrusive motions.
     His tongue slid into my mouth and something about that felt so
damned...right! He thought I was Lisa and he was kissing Lisa and the fact
it was actually me didn't seem to bother me. He wasn't cheating on her, and
I wasn't making him cheat. More like I was standing in for her.
     So when his tongue played with mine, I let it dance with his in a warm
minuet that lingered first in my mouth, then resumed in his. And he pulled
away and began to kiss my neck, stroking my shoulders, he slid down and his
lips encircled one of my nipples and he nursed at it with soft dexterity.
     Further and further down, he kissed me, making a sort of oral
footprints in the snow of my body. What was going through his intoxicated
brain right now, I wondered, for his hand had recaptured my pud and he was
stroking it as he kissed toward it. Would his travel yet discover that the
cavern of his desire was actually a temple of lust?
     But when he reached the temple's base, he didn't hesitate. His tongue
ran up the shaft, a slippery trail of passion in his wake, and when that
tongue touched the apex, he opened his lips wider and encircled me, slid
down again toward the brush at the bottom.
     As he enveloped my cock, I groaned out, "Oh, oh, Tyler, shit, man, oh,
     Tyler moved up and down my dong, moist delight in every stroke, wet
wonder in every motion, I groaned in time to his ups and his downs, for he
moved slowly still, his oral dew collecting heavily upon my shaft, until it
was a smoothly greased ramrod of male rut, and I was writhing in the
electric desire sparking from Tyler's wonderful mouth and lips and tongue.
     When he let me go, I looked at him through glazed eyes, for he was
getting up. Had he realized that he had been sucking on his best friend's
cock instead of licking his girlfriend's cunt?
     "It's just so wonderful, Lisa, having you here with me." He murmured
as he shifted and then he was sitting on my stomach. Looking down at me and
seeing me, yet not seeing me. "I've been lost without you tonight. You're
just so wonderful to me, just so wonderful." And with that protestation of
pure love, he sidled down and his ass matched itself to my cock and he
caught hold of me, held it firm while he rose up and the rose of his
sphincter kissed the tulip bud of my glans.
     "I want us to be together forever, Lisa, forever." he sighed and his
body pushed down and onto my cock. Threw his head back and moaned. "Oh,
God, baby, you feel so good inside me, so good." Some more wriggles and now
I was mostly inside him.
     "You're good, too, Tyler." I said to him sincerely. "So damned good,
man, so Goddamned good!"
     "Fuck me, Lisa, fuck me!" Tyler begged me, leaning over. "I need you
so bad, come on, fuck me good!"
     I didn't debate gender or identity, I just grabbed hold of him and
rolled him over so I could be on top, his legs clamped onto me tight and
his arms clung to me and his hips shifted so that my knees buried
themselves into the sheets on the bed.

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