“Afternoon with the Wrestling Team” is a hot story by NY about college lad Chris and his afternoon with the wrestling team. Read an excerpt from the story below:

“Like what you see, huh?”

I didn't say anything, just grabbed his pole and started going to town on
it. Both of his hands immediately went on my head and started guiding my
mouth back and forth over his cock.

“Holy fuuuuuuck, dude. Who taught you how to do this?”

I leaned back just long enough to respond, for the second time that
afternoon, “I dunno, just practice,” before getting his cock back in my

“Shit man, I have never gotten a blowjob like this before. Ben was right,
you are a fucking good cocksucker.”

I pulled off and looked up at him. All I could say to that was a quick
“thanks” and he smirked at me. That was a good moment to take a break from
his cock and move down to his balls. I tried to get his whole sack in my
mouth but eventually gave up and did it one ball at a time. He leaned his
head back and groaned. “Damn man, that feels good. Lick those nuts.” He
tasted pretty musky but I lapped it up. After a minute or two I went to
start sucking him off again but he backed off and pointed to the couch.
“That's enough, I want some of that ass. Get naked and get on the couch.”

I stood up and started to undress. I was usually pretty confident in my
body and cock in the locker room or with guys I was hooking up with, but I
paled in comparison to these wrestlers. Carl watched me intently as I
stripped, first taking off my t-shirt, then my shoes, socks, jeans, and
finally my boxers. If there was any doubt I was getting off on this, my
rock hard six-inch dick slapped against my lower belly as I took my
underwear off. He smirked again. I went over and sat down on the couch.

“No, get on your hands and knees.”

I complied, positioning myself on the couch where his coach had fucked me
many times.

“Stick your ass out a bit more.”

I blushed a bit but did as he said.

“Nice. I would not have thought you would be the kind of guy to want to
get fucked like this.”

I couldn't believe this nineteen-year-old was talking to me like this. He
must have noticed me getting annoyed because he smiled and said “Loosen up,
man. Well, you're going to be loose, but I'm just joking around.”

“It's okay dude.”

He sauntered over with his hard, wet cock waving around in front of him and
positioned himself on the couch behind me. My hole puckered in
anticipation. He grabbed hold of my hips, put the head of his cock on my
hole and asked “Are you ready?” I barely had a chance to say yes before he
shoved it in and started going to town.

I was lubed up but it was still a shock to the system. He fucked like a
teenager, fast and furious and only caring about his own dick. I did my
best to take it like a man and before long was starting to get into it. He
noticed my moaning and started his smack talk again.

“You like my dick? You like getting fucked?”

Almost involuntarily I started backing my ass up into his fucking.

“I guess that's a yes. Shit dude, you take it like a champ.”

He grabbed my shoulders and slowed down a bit, using longer thrusts. I
grunted every time he hit bottom. Then he lightly grabbed my hair, which
made me arch my back, and he started hitting my prostate every time. I
could hear myself groaning louder and felt my dick starting to leak precum.

“Fuck dude, I'm going to cum soon. Where do you want it?”

I managed to spit out a couple words. “Wherever you want it.”

“Come on, tell me, where do you want my load?”

I guess he wanted to hear me say it. “In my ass.”

“That's what I thought. I guess you have already swallowed a couple.”

He let go of my hair, slapped my ass a couple times, and then grabbed my
hips for leverage as he gave a last few pumps. I felt his dick expand as
he dumped his load in me. He moaned softly as his orgasm washed over him –
the only soft thing he did the entire time.

When he was done he pulled his cock out of my ass with a “pop”. It was a
quick fuck but a damn good one. My head was spinning and my ass was a bit
sore, though not in a bad way.

I snapped out of it when he started in with the shit talking again. “Man,
that was a good fuck. I would definitely not have thought you're kind of
guy who wants to get gang banged by the wrestling team but you are going to
do a great job.”

You can read the whole story here!