Models: Enrique Vera, Sven Basquiat

Studio: Freshmen

Themes: Bareback, European, Creampie/Cum On Ass

Blond boy Sven is so excited to see Enrique that he practically drags him through the door and into his arms for a kiss. There's lots of passionate and lustful touching, groping, and kissing from the pair as they undress and reveal their hard uncut cocks. Enrique goes down on Sven and sucks his dick before Sven returns the blowjob and slurps on Enrique's stiff shaft.

We then see Enrique spread Sven's legs wide open so he can rim the boy's beautiful hole. After it's good and wet, Enrique slides his big bare dick deep into that hole and pumps away at it. He drills Sven from behind, then flips him over to pound him on his back. Sven cums over himself and then gets a hot load of jizz splattered onto his hole as Enrique busts all over it.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A sizzling scene with lots of great close-ups of the action. Enrique and Sven are a perfect pairing.

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