You don’t need a plasma globe to tell you that this fabulous encounter between blond cutie, , and STAXUS favourite, , is electric – but the two fellows decided to bring one along for the occasion just to prove it! Unsurprisingly, the orb sparks up into a veritable frenzy as the two lads press it against their dicks; but ultimately the novelty of the toy can’t ever really hope to compete in the face of some good old-fashioned sucking and fucking.

Hence it comes as no surprise when it disappears from sight and the guys get down to the business of giving their horny fans a truly terrific electric display all of their own. Needless to say, it’ll come as no surprise that it’s Guardi – a few years older than Hollander, and boasting a body that’s clearly testimony to having spent many hours in the gym – who proves the dominant party in this coupling; whilst Hollander acts out the role of perfect bitch, slurping on his mate’s cock, rimming his ass and (ultimately) providing Guardi a warm, hungry ass-hole to fuck!

And let’s be honest here and confirm that the dark-haired top makes the very, very most of the opportunity, banging away at Hollander’s pucker with the kind of energy that had previously been displayed within the confines of the plasma globe. It’s little surprise, therefore, that it’s not long before both these beauties are knocking out generous wads for your entertainment – by which time, no doubt, your own knob will be responding with a similar spiteful fury!