Jack Windsor is a blond cutie who has filmed quite a few times for English Lads over the last year. And he’s appearing in a threeway with Cameron and Andrew, both relative newcomers. Jack started off a nervous, geeky-looking guy who had never had sex with a guy before, just like his two buddies. But over the past year, he’s pretty much done it all.

Jack is wearing the yellow underwear, Cameron is sporting the blue ones with orange trim, and Andrew is the guy with the furry chest, also in blue briefs. After showing off their athletic bodies, comparing biceps, and horsing around a bit, they relax and Cameron kneels to suck dick for the first time. While Andrew has gotten head from a guy before, he’s not quite ready to do it himself, but he does wank a penis for the first time.

But Jack is the show-off of the scene fitting two dicks in mouth at the same time. In the middle of the room is a glass-top table, and you know when you see one of those in a porn video that it’s going to get creamed. And these three lads don’t disappoint us, they blow their heavy cum wads all over it.