Models: Eluan Jeunet, Elio Chalamet

Studio: Freshmen

Themes: Bareback, European, Creampie/Cum In Ass

European twinks Eluan and Elio are shirtless and looking sexy as they lay making-out on the bed. After lots of very passionate kissing, Elio opens up Eluan's jeans to reveal his hard uncut cock. He gets to work sucking and licking every inch of that beautiful boner, then frees his own stiff uncut dick which he feeds to his sexy buddy. Eluan past extra attention to Elio's shiny pink head, lovingly living all around it. He then lays Elio flat on his back and spreads his legs wide open.

Elio's tight hole gets a good rimming before Eluan slides his bare cock all the way inside. Elio looks like he's in heaven as Eluan pounds his hole hard and fast. The boys go at it in a couple of positions before Eluan plus out and shoots his load all over Elio's hole. He shoves his dick back inside, pushing some of his cum in too. Elio then jerks off and cums all over Eluan's face before they share a final kiss.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A very passionate and hot scene from the start. Eluan and Elio make a great pairing.

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