Models: Jace Madden,

Studio: Missionary Boys

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Breeding/Cum In Ass

New missionary boy Elder Jace is called into the white room by for a worthiness interview. President Oaks asks very personal and probing questions that soon has Jace revealing he gets erections at the thought of other boys and men. Oaks decides to show Jace the best way to act on these thoughts, and undresses the boy. He quickly discovers Jace has a throbbing hard erection, and the older man begins touching and teasing it, making Jace moan and shudder. Soon that hard teen cock is freed, and Oaks strokes and grope sit in all the right places. The horny older man then pulls out his own hard cock and teases it in front of Jace before letting the boy touch it. Before long, Jace has the daddy's hard dick in his mouth as he sucks and slurps on every inch of it.

The boy then gets bent over, and Oaks teases Jace's hole before ramming his raw rod deep inside. goes in balls deep, and Jace moans out loud as he feels that bare cock fill him up. Jace soon feels it pumping away inside of him, massaging his insides as the daddy drills him deep. After a pounding from behind, Jace hist on Oaks and rides his raw cock for a while. The boy jerks off as he rides and shoots a nice geyser of cum all over. He keeps riding until Oaks is ready to cum too and feels the older man breed him as Oaks unloads inside of Jace's ass. I'd say Jace certainly passed the worthiness interview.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! Jace is very sexy and acts very well as he's being teased by President Oaks. He also looks hot being pounded and riding the daddy too!

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