Models: Elder Ingles, Elder Ormond

Studio: Mormon Boyz

Themes: Bareback, Jocks

Sexy young Mormon boy is feeling horny and can't help jacking off in bed. He suddenly hears “Are you jerking off?” from the bed next to him. is awake and knows what Elder Ormond is doing. “It's okay, you don't have to stop…. I'm doing it too.” Ingles pulls out his raging boner to show Ormond, and both boys proceed to stroke their throbbing dicks together. Soon after they stand up and rub their hard cocks together. Ingles then goes down on Ormond and sucks off the boy's big boner. Ormond gives Ingles a blowjob in return before turning around to offer up his ass.

Ingles sticks his tongue into Ormond's butt and rims the young jock's tight hole. He then sticks his bare cock inside and fucks that ass good and deep. Ingles grabs a camcorder and films the action too as he fucks his friend. We see Ormond take it doggy style, then ride Ingles' raw cock, then lay back for a missionary position fuck. It's not long before Ormond gets the jizz fucked out of him and gets Ingle's load all over him too, leaving him totally drenched in jizz.

Best moment: The boys rubbing their big hard dicks together.

Dick Detective's score: 5/5

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