Models: Dylan Maguire, Olaf Mortensen

Studio: Freshmen

Themes: Bareback, European, Creampie/Cum On Ass

For this scene we get the very hot pairing and Olaf Mortensen. An eager top and a cock-hungry bottom! It doesn't get better than that. As we see the boys enter the bedroom, it's very clear that Dylan is extremely horny. The long top pulls his already hard uncut cock out of his shorts as he heads to the bed and gently pushes Olaf down onto it. After a passionate kiss, he begins licking Olaf's nipple, getting the blond boy very horny too. Dylan goes to work sucking Olaf's stiff cock before the boys get into a 69 position and blow each other at the same time. We then see Dylan bend Olaf over so he can hungrily eat out the boy's butt.

A good rimming later, and Dylan slides his raw rod deep into Olaf's ass and pounds the boy from behind. He doesn't hold back either, slamming that ass hard and fast. Olaf mounts Dylan and positions himself over the boy so Dylan can pound his hole from below. The cock hungry bottom boy then bounces up and down and takes every inch he can inside of his sexy ass. Finally, we see Olaf on his back, and Dylan strokes the bottom boy's boner until he cums all up himself. After one more furious bout of thrusting, Dylan then pulls out and creampies Olaf's hole before leaning in to passionately kiss him.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! continue to deliver exceptional content, and I really love this pairing of Dylan and Olaf. It's very clear that Olaf loves being a bottom boy!

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