Young jock Brandon Wilde is banged up in jail, and he's about to get banged up his bubble butt too once his defence attorney Damon Andros comes to visit!


Brandon is locked up in his jail cell and desperate to get out, but when defence attorney Damon turns up he's in no hurry to help get the sexy jock released. Instead, the bearded stud wants to teach Brandon a true lesson in being banged up, and he soon has the inked jock sucking on his big throbbing dick right here in the jail cell. Damon then flips Brandon around to get to his beautiful bubble butt and buries his face into it, driving his tongue into the twitching sphincter and rimming that tight pink hole until it's good and wet.

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With Brandon bent over the jail bed, Damon then rams his stiff dick deep into the jock's ass and fucks him hard from behind. Brandon moans out load as Damon slams him all over the jail cell, fucking the spoiled brat he's suppose to be defending and showing him what it really means to be banged up!

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