Models: Legrand Wolf, Jonathan F Maze (aka Felix Maze)

Studio: Gaycest

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Creampie/Cum In Ass

As they take a walk in the woods, Dr and his son Jonathan stop by a tree. The dad and son duo stand against the tree and begin the ultimate taboo as they passionately kiss. Legrand pulls down his sons' jeans to expose his ass so he can grope that smooth boy butt as he kisses the boy. Back indoors, the kissing continues and Legrand pulls out his huge daddy dick for his son to suck. After taking his dad's dick down his throat, Jonathan is ready to take it up his butt.

Jonathan lays on his back with his legs up over his head, and Legrand pulls the boys' jeans up to expose his ass. He then gets to work rimming his son's hole before teasing his big dick at the tight entrance. Soon, the horny daddy's big bare dick begins to squeeze into Jonathan's hole. The twink moans and squeals in delight as he feels his dads' dick sliding in and out of him. That big boner massages the boy deep inside as it pumps away. “Shall I cum in you? Fill you up?” Legrand asks his boy who gives a resounding yes before his dad unloads all over his hole. Legrand pushes his cum into his son with his big dick and drills it into him, leaving his hole coated inside and out.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I love that Jonathan keeps his jeans on the whole time as he's being fucked by Legrand's big bare dick. Very hot!

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