Dr Wolf Breeds Jay James

Models: Jay James, Legrand Wolf

Studio: Fun Size Boys

Themes: Bareback, Older On Younger, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Sexy young jock Jay is smaller than all the other jocks at school. He pays a visit to Dr Wolf's office for a check-up, and Dr Wolf is very thorough, making sure that Jay gets naked so he can check up on all of him. It's then that Dr Wolf discovered jay isn't small all over: he has a big uncut cock. The delighted doctor comments on how big Jay's dick is, then asks the jock if he wants to see an even bigger dick. Jay eagerly says yes, so Dr Wolf pulls out his own huge boner. Jay loves what he sees and doesn't hesitate to get don on his knees and wrap his lips around the huge stiff rod.

He sucks and slurps on Dr Wolf's massive knob for a good while before laying back on the examination bed. Dr Wolf begins squeezing his big bare boner deep into jay's tight hole until it's fully buried inside. He then pumps away and drills the jock deep and hard. Jay moans in pure pleasure as he feels Dr Wolf's huge raw cock massaging him deep inside. The horny doctor pounds his patient hard and fast until he can't hold off any longer; He breeds the sexy bottom boy, unloading deep into Jay's hole before removing his dick to let his hot jizz ooze out of it.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! You can tell Jay really loves having that big bare dick pumping away inside of him, and it looks damn-hot too!

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