Models: Oliver James, Legrand Wolf

Studio: Fun Size Boys

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Breeding/Cum In Ass

This is Oliver's second visit to Dr Wolf's practice. The first time, we saw thoroughly examine the boy by sliding his huge raw cock into Oliver's tight teen hole. Now horny boy Oliver is back for more of the doctors big dick, so he makes an excuse to visit him. Dr Wolf sees right through the excuse, but he's more than happy to give Oliver what he wants. The pair begins passionately kissing, and Dr Wolf starts slowly undressing Oliver so he can tease the boy's as with his fingers. He pulls the boys jean's up just enough to fully expose Oliver's butt, then lays the boy back with his legs over his head.

slowly teases Oliver's hole with the tip of his dick, then begins pushing it in deeper and deeper as he strokes Oliver's boner. Soon that big bare dick is in deep, making Oliver moan out loud. The doctor removes Oliver's jeans and turns him around to pound him from behind. After a good doggystyle slamming, Oliver gets laid on his back again. Dr Wolf keeps pumping away at the boy's hole until he breeds him, then pulls out to let his cum ooze from Oliver's well-fcuked ass.

Dick Detective's verdict: Another great scene between Oliver and Dr Wolf. I loved watching Oliver's hole get teased by that big dick before it gets fully filled by it.

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