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In this scene Dakota visits a resort with his boyfriend, tattooed jock . He wants his boyfriend to loosen up and have some fun. There, Dakota meets who is sunbathing outside their room and gets chatting to him. Later, Dakota decides to suck his boyfriend's cock in view of the window, knowing that Michael would be able to see. Sure enough, Michael heads to the window and watches as Dakota and Scotty blow each other. The hung stud pulls out his growing dick as he watches the action, stroking it in view of the boys.

Soon enough, Dakota gets up and lets Michael in. Scotty is a little surprised, but once he sees Michael's big dick he's happy to go down on it. He and Dakota service Michael's big cock, taking turns to suck on every inch of it. Dakota then pushes his boyfriend onto his back not he bed with his legs in the air. Michael takes his cue, and rams his big raw cock into Scotty's hole. He fucks Scotty hard, but soon Dakota wants a turn too. Michael then switches and squeezes his bare dick into Dakota's ass and fucks the enough jock just as hard. They change position so Dakota can ride Michael while sucking Scotty's cock at the same time.

We then get to see Scotty take over and fuck Dakota's ass. He drills that hole deep and raw while Dakota blows Michael. Scotty fucks the cum out of Dakota, then creampies the young jock as he cum all over his ass. He then shoves his dick and load back into Dakota to breed him. Michael wants a turn too, so he shoves his dick into Dakota's freshly creamed hole and fucks him some more. He then pulls out and gives the jock his second creampie, coating that well-used hole in even more hot cum! Just what Dakota really wanted…..

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