Models: Dominik Black, Dave London

Studio: Bring Me A Boy

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Uncut

Cute twink Dominik is spending time with his stepdad Dave, and the pair have booked into a rented apartment. The bedroom only has one bed though, so they have to share it. Both tired, they get into bed with their heads on opposite ends. Dominik is now facing his dad's legs and can't resist lovingly stroking them. Dave begins stroking his son's legs in return, but soon their hands begin wandering to the hard bulges in each other's undies. Horny daddy Dave takes off Dominik's underwear and wraps his hand around the boy's uncut cock to stroke it. He then moves down the bed and licks the tip of that hard cock before sliding his mouth all the way down it. After blowing his son's boner, Dave frees his own hard cock and Dominik then goes down on his daddy in return.

Dominik loves his daddy's hard uncut cock and hungrily sucks and swallows the thick throbbing shaft. The pair share a kiss, and Dave then eats out his son's tight hole before sliding his are rod all the way inside of it. Dave pounds his son hard and fast, making the boy pant and moan. He turns Dominik around to pound him from behind and really make the boy feel his bare boner inside of him. After a good slamming, Dominik sits on his daddy's cock and rides it. Finally, Dave aims his dick at his boy's face and cums all over it, then sucks Dominik's dick until the boy cums inside of his mouth. The pair share a cum-coated kiss, and then it's time to go to sleep!

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A very hot daddy & son pairing, and I love that Dominik stays hard the whole time he's being banged by his daddy.

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