This fourth installment of The Art of Breaking Up really has nothing to do with the continuation of the series story line. But who is going to turn down the opportunity to watch Alex Greene fucking Andy Taylor in the gym? If you've been following along at , Greene is 's brother and Evan is in the middle of breaking up with his starving artist boyfriend (). Alex has come to stay with his brother to help him get over the break-up.

When we last left , he was flop fucking with Evan's neighbor , who not only has a big cock, but can suck it himself! And now in part four Alex is workout out at the gym. He's on the treadmill and soon notices lifting weights. The two guys check each other out, but carry on with their workouts. Alex can't take it anymore and rushes home to pound out a load on the coach.

While he's stroking his big dick, he can only think of one thing – stuffing his erection inside Taylor's cute little butt. Taylor knew that he was being watching, so he made sure he put on a good teasing show. Doing squats, Taylor shorts slide down and reveals is jockstrap and sexy butt crack. And now in his fantasy, Alex is back in the gym pumping Taylor's sexy little ass.

I'm not sure if this is an art-imitating-life moment or a very well-played publicity stunt, but last week the gossip blogs started reporting that Helix power couple Evan Parker and Andy Taylor broke up. And while this was supposed to have happened over a month ago, it's just coming to light now. Sounds suspicious, doesn't it? But I'll keep you posted.