Hot daddy secretly fucks young jock as his friend sleeps in the top bunk of their bed in “Stepdick” part 2.

Back in part one, Dalton had brought Vincent back to his place to get it on together right under the unsuspecting nose of his stepdad Dirk. Now in part two,┬áVincent has stayed th night and is sharing a bunk bed with Dalton, but he can't sleep as he's feeling too horny. He decides to jack off, but being the noisy masturbator he is, he soon attracts the attention of stepdad Dirk who is walking by their room. Dirk quietly enters and makes his way over top Vincent, putting a hand over the jock's mouth so he can't call out to Dalton and alert him to what's going on. Vincent quickly stops resisting though and lets the sexy daddy have his way….

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Soon the horny jock and hunky stepdad are sucking and fucking, all right under the nose of the sleeping Dalton. Vincent takes it deep and hard as Dirk pounds his ass all over the bunkbed, making it rock as they fuck harder and harder until Vincent is left covered in cum and totally satisfied!

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