Models: Diego Sans, Collin Simpson

Studio: Men

Themes: Hunks, Condom, Uncut

Cock-hungry muscle stud is feeling horned-up and ready for some kinky fun. The hunk rubs his muscly body all over, then pops on na blindfold and gets into an ass-up position on the bed, wearing only a jockstrap. A moment later, walks into the room and is greeted by the sexy sight in front of him. Diego leans over Collin to caress and kiss him from behind, then lets Collin use his hands to feel around and discover Diego's hard dick. Collin rubs that boner before taking it down his throat, sucking and swallowing all of that hard uncut dick.

As Collin blows him, Diego reaches over and gropes Collin's ample ass, signifying his desire to pound it hard. Diego rubbers up and slides his hard dick deep into Collin's willing hole. He slams that ass in the missionary position as Collin is still blindfolded, then lays back to let Collin mount him and ride his dick. The horny pair change position again and now Diego pummels Collin's butt from behind until he's ready to blow. Diego pulls out and blasts his hot jizz over Collin's butt, then holds Collin from behind as the muscle bottom blows his load too.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! I love that Collin keeps the blindfold on the whole time so it's never revealed to him who's doing the deed on his ass.

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