Stepfather's TRIPLE Penetration Gang Bang!

Hey guys! I'm on holiday at the moment (soaking up the sun and all the hot shirtless guys in speedos), so I won't be able to keep you updated with all the newest and hottest porn scenes being released right now. Instead, I'll post some of my all time favorite scenes (there are some absolute scorchers!) from my favorite sites as well as the usual Daily Photos. Enjoy!

“Stepfather's Secret” is my all time favorite series from, and this scene in particular stands out as the best for me. It features hunky daddy Dirk Caber as the stepfather, and three hot and horny jocks all wanting to take their turn on his ass! But first off, the jocks (Johnny Rapid, Trevor Spade and Asher Hawk) get lined up on the sofa and each get an ass pounding in turn from Dirk. Once they've all been fucked they then get their turn to fuck him in return, and then comes the absolute hottest moment of the whole series when all three of the boys fuck Dirk together! Three throbbing cocks inside his stretched hole at the same time all fucking him in unison. It's a damn hot sight that's bound to get your ass twitching!

Where can you watch it? At, and you can get a trial membership for just $1 too!

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