& – Washed Away In A Day Dream

I have caught myself doing this so many times. How about you? Jace Tyler is washing Jake Kelvin's hair in his barber shop. Jake is enjoying feeling Jace's fingers massaging his scalp. But Jace is also getting into this shampooing session and drifts away into his fantasy where this new customer is sucking his dick.

This new UK Hot Jocks series called Buzz Cocks explores all the goings on in a barber shop manned with horny guys. Jace and Jake are transported into this white and dreamy room. On their knees in nothing but their white underwear briefs, the two lads kiss. We can see their cocks stiffening in their shorts and they rub their hands all over each other's ripped bodies.

Jake finally swallows Jace's hard dick. Jace enjoys Jake's warm, wet mouth and wants more, so he bends his customer over and shoves his fuckpole between those peachy cheeks. After drilling Jake doggy style, Jace lies back and lets the bottom do all the work riding his cock. And back in the shop, Jake is wondering why this hair washing is taking so long. Jace snaps back, he's flustered and embarrassed and hoping that he hasn't been groaning out loud. Does he fuck Jake right there over the sink? Or was this just all in his head……?

  • Dylan

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