Muscly hunk fucks young stud in their new duo scene “Made You Look” from MEN.

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In this scene, Dato Foland gets his way with Ken Summers as his roommate watches on. Knowing full well that he's watching, Dato puts on a damn good show as he face fucks Ken and feeds him every inch of his throbbing cock. Dato then blows the stud in return before spinning him around and eating out his sexy tight butt hole. Once that hole's good and wet, Dato then slides his stiff meat deep inside it and fucks Ken hard with some forceful thrusts as his hunky roommate continues to watch.

Ken's ass hole gets stretched open as it takes a pounding from Dato's dick in several positions, and the bottom stud finally ends up on his knees with Dato's uncut cock in his face as he gets a huge wad of cum blasted all over his sexy lips…. That certainly caught the attention of Dato's roommate!

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