Models: Dario Alexander, Vincent

Studio: Guys In Sweatpants

Themes: Bareback, Tattoos, Creampie/Cum In Ass

After the event, Dario and Vincent are sat together talking about which parts of the scene they liked the best. Dario quickly says that his favorite part was Vincent riding his raw cock. Vincent is very vocal about how much he loved Dario being rough with him. He loved how Dario pushed him down onto the bed and pounded him.

We get top see all of this of course in the scene itself. Vincent gives Dario's dick a thorogh sucking before Dario buries his face into Vincent's butt. Dario loves eating ass, and it clearly shows as he goes to town on Vincent's hole. We then see him ram his raw dick into that hole and give it the rough and hard pounding that Vincent loved so much. They go at it in several positions until Dario finally unloads in and on Vincent's very well-fucked ass.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! The chemistry is off the scale with these two, making for some very hot sex throughout the scene.

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