Sexy inked jock submits to hot stud in their new duo scene “Hacker” from


When stunning hacker Leo gets caught breaking into a government site, he's suddenly paid a visit by suited official Darin who busts into his house and confronts him. Nervous for his future, Leo decides to try and get himself out of trouble… by rubbing his hand all over Darin's bulging crotch! In no time, Leo is on his knees unzipping Darin's pants. He then gets to work sucking and swallowing every inch of that stiff dick and deep-throating the full length.

Not satisfied with just oral though, Darin spins Leo around so he's up against the wall and then proceeds to slide his dick into the jock's tight ass. He drills Leo hard from behind, pumping the full length of his dick in and out of the young stud. Leo then climbs on top of Darin's dick as he sits int he chair and rides him balls deep, and in one final position Darin pounds Leo's butt as he's laid on the computer desk.

After getting the cum fucked out of him, Leo submits to Darin and positions himself to take the hunk's load all over his sexy body. But will that be enough to save him….?

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