Darin Silvers Fucks Brandon Evans

Hot stud Darin Silvers fucks sexy young jock Brandon Evans in “The Third Wheel” part 3.


In this latest scene in the series, Darin and his girlfriend are looking for a three-way, and Brandon seems like the perfect guy to join in with them. All three of them get together, and as the two guys kiss, Darin's girlfriend is a little taken aback by how much her boyfriend is into it and storms out of the bedroom leaving them alone.

Now the guys can really get into it without that ‘third wheel' holding them back, and Brandon gets to work sucking and swallowing Darin's big dick before he slides his beautiful butt down onto it and rides the stud balls deep. Darin then flips Brandon around and takes full control as he pounds the jock deeper and harder form behind, and then flips him over again to drill him on his back until he's left totally drenched in cum! Three is definitely a crowd for these two horny studs…..

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