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Billy is at home bummed out by his grouchy girlfriend when Jack arrives with Darin in tow. Jack announces he's brought Darin back for some studying, and they quickly head off into the bedroom together. A short while later, Billy tells his girlfriend that he's off to do some work, but heads to where the boys are and finds Jack doing his best to swallow Darin's stiff dick. Billy decides to show Jack how to really suck dick, and takes over blowing Darin's cock himself. Soon Darin is getting serviced by them both, with daddy Billy guiding Jack as they suck and slurp on Darin's thick meat.

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Things then heat up even more as Jack bends over the bed and gives Darin full access to his hot ass. The tattooed stud slides his dick deep into Jack's tight butt and fucks it hard as Billy feeds the bottom boy his own big boner. Once Darin is done pounding Jack's ass, he then moves onto Billy and gives the hairy hunk a hard fucking while Jack feeds him his lengthy cock. Soon everyone's ready to blow, and it's daddy Billy who bears the brunt of that flood of cum! Not sure how he'll explain that one to his grumpy girlfriend….

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