Dante Colle Fucks Johnny Rapid

Models: Dante Colle, Johnny Rapid

Studio: Men

Themes: Hunks, Jocks

Johnny Rapid is out in the park playing pranks on unsuspecting dudes. He tricks them into looking the other way while he grabs their crotch and then runs off. One unsuspecting dude is Dante Colle, and the hunk gives chase as Johnny runs off. He soon corners Johnny and drags him off for a one-on-one confrontation. Dante tells Johnny that if he likes grabbing dicks, it's now time for him to suck one. He pulls out his throbbing cock and shoves it into Johnny's face. Johnny eagerly sucks on every inch of Dante's dick, swallowing it right down to the base.

Johnny pulls out his own stiff dick next and Dante gives the jock a blowjob in return. Dante then holds Johnny's legs up in the air and shove's his hard cock right into the jock's butt. He pounds Johnny hard, fucking the jock's hole in several positions all over the couch. As Johnny rides Dante's dick, he jerks his own stiff cock and soon blows his load all over. Getting the jizz drilled out him is certainly a punishment worth taking for prankster Johnny!

Best moment: Johnny riding Dante's dick.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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