Models: Danny Defoe, Gino Mosca

Studio: Freshmen

Themes: Bareback, European, Uncut, Creampie/Cum In Ass

speaks fluent English, however does not. Neither of the boys share a common language in fact. So how doo they communicate? Through the language of love of course! Gino explains how their connection is purely physical, and we soon get a physical demonstration. Cute young jock Danny gives Gino's stiff uncut cock a blowjob before feeding his own throbbing uncut cock to his lover. Gino spreads his legs open wide, and Danny drives right in tongue first. He licks out Gino's hole to begin with, then squeezes his big uncut cock all the way inside.

Danny fucks Gino deep and raw, pumping the boy's ass full of his lengthy cock. We get some great views and angles of the action as they fuck in a  couple of positions. Danny pulls out and blasts a big load all over Gino's freshly-fucked hole, giving it a hot creampie. We then see Gino cum, and Danny happily sucks that cum-soaked cock before they share a final passionate kiss.

Best moment: The view from below as Danny pounds Gino's ass.

Dick Detective's score: 5/5

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