Cliff Jensen, Myles Landon, and team up for this sizzling threesome scene from MEN.

Muscly hunk is getting some work done from home, but horny studs and are wanting to get some action of their own done too. As Myles works at his laptop, Damien and Cliff get it on. Damien sucks Cliff's big dick in the kitchen, then continues to blow the inked stud in the lounge. Meanwhile Myles is oblivious to the hot gay sex going on around him.

Taking more of a chance, Cliff then decides to fuck Damien's ass on the couch. But as he's banging the bottom boy, Myles walks in. Rather than get angry, Myles just gets hard and horny! The hunk joins in and feeds his throbbing cock to Damien as Cliff continues to drill him. Myles then gets a turn to pound Damien's ass too, filling him full of his lengthy fat cock.

Damien gets filled from both ends as he's spit-roasted by Cliff and Myles. Two big fat cocks pump away at both of holes until he's left covered in three hot loads of cum. No doubt Myles is happy he took a break from work now!

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