Models: Dalton Riley, Quin Quire

Studio: Next Door Raw

Themes: Bareback, Flip-Flop

didn't know that the guy he was sleeping with had a boyfriend, so when he finds out he heads over to Dalton Riley's place to tell him what his boyfriend has been doing. Quin apologizes to Dalton, but Dalton isn't too surprised at his boyfriend's actions. There's an instant attraction between the pair, so Dalton invites Quin inside where the pair passionately kiss. They move to the bed and begin taking off their clothes, and it's not long before Dalton is wrapping his lips around Quin's hard dick. He expertly sucks off the stud, then flips Quin around so he can slide his own hard dick into Quin's mouth.

Dalton gives Quin a good long face-fucking before Quin then bends Dalton over. He eats out Dalton's ass, then slides his raw cock deep inside. Quin pounds Dalton from behind, pumping all of his bare dick in and out of that tight hole. The guys then and Quin sits on Dalton's raw cock for a balls deep ride of the stud. They flip once again, and Dalton lays on his back to take a pounding from Quin until he shoots his load all over himself. Quin pulls out a moment later and covers Dalton in his cum before they share a final kiss.

Dick Detective's verdict: Good. The kissing seems genuinely passionate between Dalton & Quin.

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