Models: Marcus Rivers, Dallas Steele

Studio: Fun Size Boys

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Breeding/Cum In Ass

After Marcus Rivers' previous experience with tailor Dallas Steele (see here), the tiny twink is very excited for a second encounter! This time, hunky daddy Dallas decides to give Marcus a personal trainer style workout.

But things quickly get sexual as they both get more and more turned on. Dallas holds Marcus in his arms and rewards the boy with a kiss every time he does a pull up.

They then get naked and into a 69 position to suck on each other's hard cocks as Dallas uses Marcus to do some bench-presses.

Dallas lays Marcus flat on the floor and slides his big bare dick into the boy's butt. Marcus then begins doing push-ups which massage Dallas' dick and the insides of his own teen butt as he moves up and down.

Dallas then holds Marcus in the air and drills the boy's hole deep before holding him up in a wheelbarrow position to pound him even harder.

Finally, Marcus sits on Dallas' big daddy dick and rides it. “Cum in me! Fill me up! Cum in me” Marcus begs as Dallas' huge raw cock pumps away inside of him. A moment later, Dallas' hot jizz floods Marcus' teen hole as he cums inside of the boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Smoking hot! I love the theme and the clever sex and positions. Dallas' dick looks very hot in Marcus' tight little hole.

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