Models: Dakota Payne, Harlen Quindel

Studio: Brother Crush

Themes: Bareback, Brothers, Breeding/Cum In Ass

It's Dakota's wedding day, and he and his younger brother Harlen are getting dressed for the big event. As they do, Harlen gets sad at the prospect of not seeing his brother as much any more. Dakota reassures him with a hug, and then a kiss. Soon the boys are passionately making-out, and their clothes quickly come off again. Harlen gets on his knees and frees his older brother's hard dick, then gets to work sucking and swallowing every inch of it.

Dakota lays Harlen back and proceeds to blow the younger brother's boner in return. He then turns him around and eats out his ass before sliding his raw cock deep inside of it. Dakota pounds his brother hard from behind, then sits back to let Harlen mount him and ride him. After a good, deep ride, Dakota blows his load inside of his brother and breeds him. A moment later, harlen cums over his brother's torso and the siblings share a final kiss.

Dick Detective's verdict: Some good moments throughout, but I particularly enjoyed watching Dakota eat out Harlen's ass.

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