was exhausted after a long day at school. The twink trudged home and headed straight to the shower. He was so lost in thought that he didn't even say hello to his stepdad, Vincent Stone.

Ollie let the hot shower water wash over him, and soon he felt himself becoming aroused. As he began to stroke himself, he noticed his stepdad, standing in the doorway, his hand wrapped around his own hard cock.

Though Ollie had fantasized about playing with Vincent for years, he felt his stomach as he got out of the shower and joined his stepdad on the bed. He grabbed Vincent's hand and placed it on his big hard twink cock. Vincent responded quickly, his mouth hovering over Ollie's shaft before sliding up and down it. Ollie felt a jolt of electricity travel through his body as Vincent eagerly sucked him.

Ollie wanted to reciprocate the pleasure, and soon he found himself taking Vincent's pierced cock in his mouth. He loved the sensation of it, and soon he was begging for his stepdad to take him. Vincent obliged, pushing his bareback daddy dick deep inside of Ollie.

Ollie closed his eyes and let the pleasure take over as Vincent thrust into him. It was everything he had fantasized about and more. Soon enough, both of them reached their climax and unloaded their seed, and Ollie lay there contentedly, feeling satisfied and loved.