Models: Austin L Young, Tim Armstrong

Studio: Gaycest

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Breeding/Cum In Ass

Dad and son, Tim and Austin, are sharing some quality time together at the sauna. The pair relax and soak in the heat, but there's another heat rising between the pair of them. Pure lust! Tim reaches under Austin's towel to stroke the boy's cock, and Austin loves having his teen boner touched by his dad. He loves his dad's big throbbing dick even more though, so he reaches under Tim's towel to touch the huge length. Austin frees his dad's big boner and goes down on it, lovingly and hungrily sucking on every inch like a good boy.

If there's one thing Austin loves more than sucking his dad's dick, it's feeling it deep inside of his ass. The horny boy climbs up onto his dad and impales himself on the hunk's huge raw rod. He rides that dick like a pro, taking the full length up his little butt as he bounces up and down it. After a good, long ride, Tim then bends his son over and slams his little ass deeper and harder from behind. Austin cums as his dad pounds him, then Tim breeds his boy as he feels the twink's stretched hole full of cum.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A great setting and lots of hot and sweaty sex throughout the scene. Austin looks so good with that big daddy dick inside of his ass.

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