Models: Todd Byers (aka Myles Landon), Teddy Byers (aka Travis Berkley)

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Twinks, Hunks

Cute twink Travis calls his dad into his bedroom wanting some advice. Travis is worried that when he masturbates he cums too soon. Muscly daddy Todd is more than happy to help his son out. He tells the boy to get undressed, then blindfolds him. The dad then starts playing with his sons dick, getting him nice and hard. Todd jerks his son's dick, making him moan. Teddy wants to cum, but his dad won't let him. He keeps edging the boy and stroking his cock right up until he's about to cum – then stops. The bearded hunk starts sucking his boy's dick too which makes Teddy want to cum even more. But dad still won't let him.

Todd gets his own big chunky cock out and feeds it to his son who hungrily sucks on it. He gives the boy a face-fucking too before putting him on the bed and rimming his teen ass. Mr Byers then rams his thick raw cock into his son and fucks his tight hole hard. He pounds the boy in a couple of positions until he's ready to cum. The muscly hunk pulls out and quickly shoves his dick into Teddy's mouth. “I'm gonna cum in your mouth!” he shouts as he blows his load inside. The spooge oozes out of the boy's mouth, and Teddy then asks “Can I cum now?”, but dad won't let him….

Best moment: Dad edging his son as he jerks him off and blows him.

Dick Detective's score: 5/5

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