Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Threesome, Daddy & Son, Older On Younger

This scene starts out with a hairy and horny daddy calling his two sons through into the bedroom. He explains to them that now their mom is out, he wants to be greedy and have fun with them both. The daddy makes his two sons kiss, and they're reluctant at first, but soon the brothers are eagerly making out as they undress. Their dad undresses too, revealing his throbbing hard dick, and the two boys happily go down on him together. They take turns sucking their dad's dick and also spend a few minutes licking that hard shaft together at the same time.

The dad gets his boys on all fours on the bed with their asses facing him. He then spends some time rimming both of his boys, moving back and forth between them. The hairy daddy then lubes up his raw cock and slips it into the tight hole of his first son. He stretches that hole open, then pulls out and moves over to his second son. The dad fucks his younger son good and hard from behind while his oldest son plays with his ass. The dad then swaps over again and rams his bare dick back into his elder son to fuck him.

The daddy lays back and lets his sons take turns riding his dick. He fucks his youngest boy in the missionary position too before they all lay back on the bed together to blow their loads.

Best moment: The boys taking turns to ride their dad's dick.

Dick Detective's score: 4.5/5

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