Models: Dylan Hayes,

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son

Dylan's dad Jack is teaching his boy how to lift weights, but Dylan is struggling. Jack goes off to the public bathroom of the trailer park for a piss, and Dylan secretly follows. As his hairy tattooed dad takes a leak, Dylan sneaks his head over one of the stalls to get a glimpse of the old man's cock. It turns the twink on, so he sits in the stall and plays with his own cock until he hears his dad call out to him. Dylan has been busted! Jack gets the boy to come out, and after. quick chat, Dylan has his nose and mouth buried into his dad's armpit. The boy then drops to his knees and sucks on his dad's thick dick for a while before they both get fully naked.

Dylan rests against the wall and lifts up a leg, giving access to his smooth teen hole. Jack goes in and eats out his boy's butt, tickling the pretty pink hole with his full beard. The horny daddy then slides his dick into Dylan's tight hole and pounds the teen deep and raw. After banging the boy from behind, Jack lays Dylan on the floor and faces him as he continues to drill his ass deep. Dylan jerks off and shoots a big load over himself, then Jack pulls out and fires a huge load over Dylan's dick and balls before shoving his own cock back inside of the boy.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! If you're into hairy tattooed daddy's then this is definitely a scene you will love. The cum-shots are both great too.

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