Models: Myles Landon

Studio: Family Dick

Themes: Bareback, Daddy & Son, Creampie/Breeding

Hunky daddy Myles Landon is trying to work as his son asks him for some money to go out with his friends. Myles tells his son he has to earn the money, so the boy decides to do a sexy strip-tease to earn an allowance off his horny father.

Myles can't resist the boy, and before long he has his finger shoved up the twink's tight butt-hole. After lots of fingering, Myles whips out his daddy dick and his son eagerly sucks on it. Myles then bends the boy over and shoves his raw cock into the twink's tight ass. He fucks the boy in a couple of positions until he's ready to blow, then dumps his load deep inside his son's ass, breeding him with their family seed.

Best moment: Myles breeding his boy's butt.

Dick Detective's score: 4/5

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