James Lewis – SOLO

James Lewis sure builds a case for how looks can be deceiving. This 18-year-old Brit looks very boyish, so imagine how gobsmacked I was to hear such a deep voice coming out of such a little package. And another thing that comes out of this lad is a gigantic spray of cum – all the way up to his collar bone – but I'm getting ahead of myself.

James says that he's bisexual, and when he's having sex with guys, he prefers bottoming. (I get that. If a guy is fucking chicks why would he want to also just top guys? Might as well try something different, right?) And James likes his guys well hung, masculine, strong, and he prefers them a little older, in their early thirties.

He's got a good-sized, uncut dick and he loves fingering his hole while wanking off. Once his cock is bone hard, James stands and twists his nipples and makes his erection dance hands free. Then he's back on the sofa and working that massive cum load up from his tiny balls. He shoots jizz right up the center of his chest; some lands on his nipple, more splashes across his shoulder, and an errant drop flies onto his arm.

I can't wait to see which one of the Hard Brit Lads regulars is going to fuck this newbie … I hope this lucky top brings his raincoat, he's likely to get soaked!!

  • Dylan

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