Models: Corbin Colby, Daniel DeLuca

Studio: Helix Studios

Themes: Bareback, Big Dicks, Creampie/Cum In Ass

This scene is part of the “Inside Helix” series, which gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the goings on in the world of and it's models. After the BTS clips and interviews, it's on to the main scene with and Daniel Deluca. We find the boys passionately kissing on the bed and slowly removing each other's clothes as they make-out. Daniel pulls down Corbin's jeans to reveal his big and chunky boner which the twink wastes no time going down on. Daniel sucks and slurps on as much of Corbin's lengthy cock as he can, then lick sup and down the thick shaft as he jerks off his own hard cock. We then see Corbin tease his huge fuck-pole against Daniel's hole before Daniel impressively slides his ass all the way down the big bare shaft.

Corbin's cock goes balls deep into Daniel and the bottom boy gets a very deep pounding as he rides it. The anal action stops for a moment so Corbin can suck on Daniel's dick, then the horny boys move into the missionary position and Corbin slams Daniel's hole once again. Daniel jerks off as he's being railed and soon shoots his load all up himself. Corbin's big boner must've really hit the spot and massaged Daniel's prostate good, as a few shots of Daniel's jizz fire right up onto his face and neck. We then see Corbin pull out and creampie Daniel's hole, firing some thick white wads of hot seed all over it before he pushes the cum in with his cock.

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! I loved Daniel's cum-shot, and it's hot seeing it all over his face. Corbin's creampie is a definite highlight too.

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