Sexy hunk tops muscly stud in this sizzling new duo scene titled “Taking It Too Far”.

In this scene, Connor and Tobias are buddies sharing a place together, but they're soon sharing much more when Tobias accidentally catches Connor jerking off. As he tries to leave him to it, Connor persuades him to come back into the room. He then whips Tobias' towel off and sees the at the muscly stud is rock hard too! “What are friends for?” asks Connor as he reaches out to Tobias' throbbing cock, and in no time he has his lips wrapped tightly around it as he sucks the stud off. Tobias is happy to return the favor too and blows Conner's big boner as the hunk lays back on the couch, loving the feeling of his buddy servicing his dick.

These horny buds soon decide to take things even further, and after eating out Tobias' beautiful butt Conner slides his dick deep into it and fucks it hard. Tobias moans out loud as he buddy fucks him, pounding his butt doggy style, then from below as he rides it, and finally on his back until he gets the cum fucked right out of him. Connor then pulls out and blast his own thick load all over Tobias too, leaving the stud completely covered in cum. That's what friends are for after all!

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