Sexy twinks Colton James and Chandler Mason are paired up for a horny bareback session in the latest Helix Studios update.

The boys get together on the bed and some passionate kissing quickly leads to them losing all their clothes. Colton eagerly wraps his lips around Chandler's stiff dick and sucks it before getting his own big boner blown in return. Colton decides to take a little more control though, and with Chandler laid flat on his back he face-fucks the young jock and gives us a little dirty talk while pumping that mouth full of cock.

With Chandler still on his back on the bed, Colton then slides his raw dick into the twink's tight butt hole and fucks it deep and hard. He asserts some control once again and grabs Chandler's throat as he fucks him, not hat the bottom boy is complaining! They then switch to a riding position with Chandler bouncing up and down the full length of Colton's big bare boner, and then finally fuck on their side until Colton can't hold back any longer. He blows his load inside Chandler's ass, breeding the twink deep, and then pulls apart his butt cheeks to take a peek at the result of his seeding!

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Watch the sizzling trailer below:


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