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Colton is quick to get those big pouting lips of his around Trevor's lengthy dick and service every inch of it. His own stiff dick throbs away too as he blows Trevor, showing that he clearly loves sucking and swallowing cock! But if there's one thing Colton loves more than sucking dick, it's taking it up his bubble butt!

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Colton assumes the position, and Trevor enters him from behind, sliding the full length of his dick into the jock's tight butt hole. Trevor then pounds Colton hard before flipping him over into a pile-drive position and pounding him even deeper. The cock-hungry bottom boy then gets to go for a ride on Trevor's dick, bouncing up and down every inch of it as his own cock continues to throb away.

Finally, inked jock Colton gets the cum fucked out of him as he rides Trevor, and then gets the stud's load all over his face a Trevor blows all over it……

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