Colt Rivers gets a mouthful of JJ Knight's massive dick as he hungrily devours every inch in “Deep Release”.

As Colt sits on the edge of the hot tub relaxing, JJ walks in and sits down on the bench behind him. JJ's towel falls open a little though allowing Colt a very good view of the stud's big package. Noticing each other noticing, the horny pair are soon rock hard, and as JJ strokes his mammoth meat Colt is unable to resist his urges and exits the hot tub. Colt wraps his lips around that monster cock and eagerly devours it, sucking and slobbering over every inch and swallowing as much of it as he can. Colt gets his own stiff dick sucked in return of course, but he can't resist going back down on JJ again and greedily servicing the stud's huge cock until he's emptied his balls all over!

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