Time for a brand spanking new College Dudes scene! 😀

I know what you're thinking…. that Tommy White looks young! Even the College Dudes producer states “I even had to check his ID three times to make sure he was 18 years old,”. In fact, Tommy is actually 19 and he's just finishing his first year of freshman college.(And is it just me, or does he look like an early-career Justin Bieber???)

Now on to the scene:

Troy gets to work on Tommy's meaty cock first and it's not long before he gets hard as rock! Then Tommy takes his turn sucking Troy's dick. It's so hot watching his lips sliding up and down it while Troy moans.

Then Tommy decides he needs Troy's dick deep inside him. Troy's dick isn't huge, but big enough to stretch Tommy's smooth little hole and give us some hot close-ups. (and I particularly enjoyed watching him on all fours taking it from behind – you can tell he was loving it!!)

They get through a few awesomely hot positions together leading up to the cum-shots, but I'm not gonna spoil them for you – you'll just have to see them for yourself! But let's just say someone ends up covered in a thick load of spunk 😉


  • Dylan