Sexy twink goes to see sex therapist because things are getting stale in his relationship with him always bottoming. Cody wants to switch things up, but he's nervous that he might not be a good top, so Dr. Olivier suggests some confidence-building exercises… and some hands-on skill practice!

Following instructions, Cody tries out rimming the therapist, then Dr. Olivier shows the twink how nice it can be to get head before encouraging Cody to penetrate his ass for the first time. Cody builds the confidence to slide his bareback cock into Dr. Olivier's tight ass, there pumps away and pounds the hunk in doggystyle. His confidence builds up even more as he slams that ass, so Cody even tries out a sizzling piledriver position. The first-time top successfully makes Olivier orgasm in missionary, then pulls out and cums all over his sexy therapist.