Models: Ryan Jordan, Spencer Laval, Johnny B

Studio: Next Door Buddies

Themes: Bareback, Threesome, Double Penetration, Breeding/Creampie

Sexy shirtless studs Johnny, Ryan, and Spencer are all preparing the house for Christmas. As Spencer and Ryan tend to the garden, Johnny is on the roof putting up the lights. But as he stares longingly at the shirtless studs in the garden, Johnny suddenly slips and falls off the roof. He wakes up to find Ryan and Spencer both holding him and comforting him. It soon leads to a passionate kiss between Johnny and Spencer. As they kiss, Ryan pulls down Johnny's jeans and sets about sucking his now hard cock. Ryan and Spencer then free their own stiff dicks, and Johnny gets a treat as he sucks on both of those boners.

Johnny bends over to blow Ryan, and Spencer then slides his bare dick into Johnny's ass. He pounds that hole deep and hard, spit-roasting Johnny as he gets both of his holes filled. Johnny changes position so that he's laid on his back, and now Ryan takes over topping duty as he slips his bare boner into Johnny's used hole. Johnny then gets a very special present as he's double-stuffed by both of those raw cocks! Spencer and Ryan double-penetrate Johnny and pound his hole at the same time. After a while, Spencer can't hold back and cums inside Johnny, breeding him while he and Ryan double-fuck his hole. Ryan puts out and adds to the cum by giving Johnny a creampie, unloading his hot jizz all over that well-fucked hole. A moment later Johnny cums too, and he then wishes us all a Merry Christmas!

Dick Detective's verdict: Excellent! A sizzling scene with lots of hot action form start to finish. the highlight has to be that double-penetration breeding though!

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