Sexy jock Christian Bay takes it hard and raw as Markie More pounds his ass in the latest Next Door Raw update.

In “The Boss' Son”, Markie arrives at the company gym he frequents to find a new young jock there. After striking up a conversation he discovers that this young newbie is Christian, his boss' son, who just moved to the area. They workout together for a while, and afterwards Christian approaches Markie seductively and tells him he likes to end his workouts with some ‘hard cardio'. Markie isn't sure, but then how can he refuse his boss' son?

They lustfully kiss and soon Christian is on his knees pulling Markie's pants down around his ankles. he then takes the tattooed stud's dick in his mouth and blows it before laying back on the gym matt and getting his own big dick sucked in return. The horny pair then make great use of the gym equipment as Christian climbs onto the weights machine with his ass spread wide, and Markie rams his tongue deep into that tight little hole. After rimming Christian's butt, Markie climbs onto the machine too and lets Christian slide his ass all the way down his dick. Christian rides it deep and bareback, then take sit hard from behind as they climb off and get into a standing fuck position.

One final position on the floor sees Christian get the cum fucked out of him before Markie cums too and creampies the bottom boy's hole, then slides his dick back in to breed that well-fucked hole!

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