Models: Chris Summers, Doryann Marguet, Paul Delay

Studio: French Twinks

Themes: Threesome, European, Condom

This scene is part of French Twinks' ongoing USA Road Trip series. The FT boys are still in Las Vegas and recovering from a fun-filled previous night. Older stud Doryann and young twink Paul soon find themselves back at the fun again though as they get into a threesome with American twink Chris Summers (with whom they had an orgy with the night before. See here). The trio are naked on the bed with raging boners, and they get top work sucking one another's dicks before the anal fun begins.

We see Paul sit on Chris' cock and ride the American twink while Doryann jerks him off and sucks his dick. Doryann feeds his cock to Paul before he gets his turn to fuck the twink. He pounds Paul from behind while Paul sucks on Chris' cock. The trio then get into a threeway fuck-train with Chris in the middle fucking Paul while Doryann drills him from behind. It all ends with Chris and Paul jerking off and cumming over Doryann's face as the stud jerks his own dick and squirts over himself too.

Dick Detective's verdict: Great! The threeway fuck-train was a definite highlight.

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