In “Two Church Boys & A Sinner”, mormon boys and visit at his home to try to enlist him into their church. Chris doesn't answer the door, but his door is open, so the boys head inside to look for him. As they enter Chris' bedroom, Chris suddenly sneaks into the room and locks them all inside. He tells the boys if they want him to join them, they have to take off their clothes. The boys do as he says and get naked, then passionately kiss the tattooed hunk.

Chris whips out his hard uncut cock and the boys know exactly what to do. The both get on it, licking and sucking that thick throbbing shaft at the same time. The boys take turns getting their mouths around the stiff pole while the other licks and sucks Chris' balls. Chris then tells the boys to get into a 69 position and suck each other off at the same time. the boys comply, and as they do, Chris gets behind Mark and slides his bareback dick into the boy's ass. He pounds that ass good and hard, then gets the boys to bend over next to each other.

Now the hunk can take turns on both of their holes, and goes back and forth between them, pounding their tight asses with his thick raw cock over and over. Finally, Andrew cums as Chris pounds him, and Mark cums over Andrew almost at the same time. Chris pulls out and shoots his load over both of the boys, leaving all three of them totally satisfied. But is that enough to make him join their church?

Dick Detectives' thoughts: An excellent threeway! I loved watching Chris take charge of both of those twinks and pound their holes over and over and over! Damn hot!