Eurocreme's Choirboys continues with the second episode airing today. Good-looking arrives as the choir's newest member and he's quite taken with Danny Montero. But Danny is a cocky prick and not only rebuffs Ben's continued attempts at small talk, but he's downright rude.

After choir practice Danny is walking home and Danny stops and him a lift. It turns out that Danny's a bad boy and invites Ben home for video game, beers, and smoking. After a rowdy night, Danny is a little too tipsy to drive Ben home, so he invites him to spend the night. They strip down to their underwear and try to sleep, but Ben can't stop thinking of what he wants to do to Danny. And after they end up face to face and a long stare, Ben gets his wish.

The lads swap blowjobs with Danny starting things off between Ben's legs. I've been waiting for through this whole move to see Ben's plump lips wrapped around Danny's cock, and I finally get my wish too. And Danny's not only a bad boy, but he likes taking it up the butt. And that's fine with Ben because that's exactly what he's been thinking about doing for the last several hours.

Danny lies back griping his thick cock while Ben slowly drills his ass. After a horny and panting fuck, the boys lie side by side and unload their nuts together. Then it's lights off, a little cuddling, and Danny warns Ben not to tell anyone about this “especially not the Deacon.”